The "Lost Files:2005" is set for a November 24th (Harassment Day 2015) release at for only $7.99 ($9.99 on iTunes), and fans will be able to "pay what they want" $7.99 or more. All of the proceeds from "The Lost Files: Circa 2005" will go to Patrice's family. Available for pre-order on iTunes and Amazon for release on December 4th and available on the streaming stores (Spotify, Rhapsody) beginning December 11th. Patrice's widow Von Decarlo had this to say about the new album, "The Lost Files is a surprise project that many of us didn't know existed until it was found. It is a classic night of comedy with Patrice intended to be his first album in 2005, but was never completed on the production end, thus never released. It was lost in the shuffle only to be discovered years after his passing as a gem to be shared. In keeping Patrice's legacy thriving, I am happy to present another compilation of his work for the fans to listen to and hold close to their hearts." -Von Decarlo

All proceeds from "The Lost Files: Circa 2005" album go to Patrice's family.

In 1969, Patrice OíNeal got his start in a uterus.

He was born in New York City, and 22 years later, he began his comedy career in Boston, Massachusetts where he grew up since he was one year old. Prior to his calling from God to pursue comedy, he held many other jobs that could have been more lucrative. For instance, sausage cart vendor at Ruggles Street train station, selling flowers out of a bucket on Blue Hill Avenue in Dorchester, and at the pinnacle of his earning potential, he sold popcorn and peanuts at the old Boston Garden Arena. In addition to a flourishing popcorn career, OíNeal was also a world-class High School athlete at West Roxbury High School. Ending his career with 3 letters in varsity football, and a state championship senior year. During this time, an overwhelming amount of Division 3 and community college football scholarship offers poured in. All of which were turned down to attend North Eastern University on a public housing grant. For the next 4 years, Patrice took great measures to trick his mother into believing he was attending classes regularly.

During a cool, clear night in October of 1992, Patrice attended an open mic comedy night at Estelleís Bar and Grill on Tremont Street where he decided to heckle one of the comics on stage. He challenged OíNeal to perform on stage at the next open mic night. The following week, the universe would change forever. After conquering the Boston comedy circuit in just under 6 years, Patrice took his comedic gifts to New York City. Once there, Hollywood soon called. OíNealís first of many television appearances was on The Apollo Comedy Hour where he performed his now famous Malcolm XXL bit. From there, he moved on to prestigious appearances on Showtime at the Apollo, Friday Night Videos, and a brief stint as a writer for the WWE. OíNeal had a string of TV guest star appearances on MTVís Apt 2F, Assy McGee, Ed, Z Rock, Yes Dear, Arrested Development, Chappelle Show and The Office. OíNeal was a regular on the FOX series The Jury, and he starred in the Comedy Central animated program Shorties Watching Shorties, along with Nick DiPaolo. He supplied the voice of Harold Jenkins on Nogginís animated program O'Grady High and was featured as Jesus in Denis Learyís Contest Searchlight.

Patrice made his Def Comedy Jam debut in 2007, but had 3 prior half hour comedy specials with Showtime, Comedy Central, and HBO. Heís had many appearances on Late Night with Conan O'Brien, The Late Show with David Letterman, and The Ellen DeGeneres Show to promote his ground breaking VH1 series Web Junk 20. Additionally, OíNeal is the measure of excellence on the many talking head comment shows littering the airwaves.

OíNeal has also made occasional appearances on various Fox News shows like Hannity and Colmes to discuss issues regarding both race and censorship. But, of all the many television appearances to date, his favorite is Comedy Centralís Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn. In addition, OíNealís movie appearances include Head of State, In the Cut, 25th Hour, Furry Vengeance, and deleted scenes from Scary Movie 4 and When in Rome. With his dominance of television and film, the natural transition to radio was inevitable. OíNeal is a frequent guest on the popular Opie and Anthony radio show, and had his own hit weekly relationship advice program entitled The Black Phillip Show. Reluctantly, he has made his presence on the internet more available with MYSPACE, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, PATRICEONEAL.COM, GOOGLE, and hundreds of YOUTUBE videos, including the under valued greatness of The Patrice OíNeal Show- Coming Soon web series. (Itís fucking funny). In 2011 Patrice released his first hour Comedy Central stand-up comedy special "Elephant in the Room".

It is with terrible sadness we must report that Patrice OíNeal passed away November 29th 2011 due to the complications of the stroke he suffered on October 19. Many of us have lost a close and loved friend; all of us have lost a true comic genius. His mother, who was also his best friend, was at his side. Patrice is survived by his wife, Vondecarlo; his step daughter Aymilyon, sister Zinder, and his mother Georgia. The family wishes to thank all of the fans and friends who have expressed an outpouring of love and support for Patrice these past weeks.

Patrice O'Neal's first stand-up comedy album, Mr. P was released February 7th 2012, and was a huge hit with comedy fans making it to #1 on the Billboard Comedy Chart and #35 on the Billboard 200 chart. Mr. P is 74 minutes of Patrice O'Neal material recorded April 15th 2011 at the DC Improv. The proceeds from the Mr. P album go to Patrice's family.


"I just finished listening to Patrice OíNealís new album. If you want to understand what comedy is supposed to sound like, you have to listen to this. If you want to understand what a comedian is supposed to sound like, listen to this. If you want to listen to somebody who just canít stop opening up about what he thinks of himself, and what he thinks of you, then listen to this album." - Colin Quinn 2011

"he was funnier than everyone." - Chris Rock

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